Writing about all the good things that make us happy can be incredibly rewarding! From delicious meals we've cooked or enjoyed at restaurants, to exciting trips we've taken and fun activities we've done - there are countless moments worth celebrating.

How about taking advantage of quarantine the coronavirus to try new things? The vegan hamburger is not only a delicious option for the whole family, it can be very nutritious. We have separated five recipes without ingredients of animal origin, with vari ... もっと読む

Aquarius (The Water Carrier)21st January – 19th FebruaryThis well-known constellation of the zodiacrepresents a youth pouring water from a jar. Leo (The Lion)24th July – 23rd AugustA majestic zodiac constellation depicting the lionthat Hercules killed ... もっと読む

Above all, taking advantage and starting with this homemade burger tip, even you will love to learn and if you want to do it to sell, you will be successful.Likewise, enjoy now and start making a good recipe that is hard to find these days. So, this home ... もっと読む